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Brake Repair & Replacement in Port Coquitlam

The brakes on your vehicle are vital for safety. If your brakes are wearing out, it will be harder to stop in time at lights or on busy highways. If you notice squealing while stopping, vibrations in the steering wheel or grinding noises, then it’s time to have your brakes looked at and repaired.

Quality Brake Pad Brands

At Pitt River Auto Service in Port Coquitlam we use the best brands and products available to ensure your car leaves with the best quality brakes. With IDEAL® brake parts, our team of vehicle technicians can make this a reality. These brake pads are 100% asbestos free and offer:

  • Solid, Canadian fabrication from an Ontario company

  • Premium installed shims to reduce noise, vibration and chatter

  • Optimal performance for quiet, smooth and reliable braking

The IDEAL® brakes come in various forms consisting of:

  • PMD Premium Metallic for everyday driving conditions

  • TCD True Ceramic for ultra-quiet and clean stops

  • XMD Extreme Duty for fleets and heavy duty vehicles

At Pitt River Auto Service we make sure all of your cars and trucks are taken care of, American- or Japanese-made. If you think your brakes need to be replaced, come to Pitt River Auto Service in Port Coquitlam for experienced and quick service.

A Mechanic You Can Trust

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